Teaching Experience

  • 2015 2014

    Faculty of Business Administation, Yorkville University, Canada

    Taught BUSI 2073 Management of Technology and Innovation as an online course. This course introduces students to fundamentals of information technology and information systems, and exposes them to the managerial implications of effective technology management.

  • 2011 2010

    Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Canada

    Taught CSCI 1200 / ASSC 1000 course in Fall 2010/Winter 2011/Fall 2011. This is a class of technical computer literacy and students learn about computers in a general way and how computers affect the way we live and work. Students are given an opportunity to become familiar with typical applications of software such as word processors, spreadsheets and database applications. Other topics include the use of the internet, creation of web pages, and simple programming concepts. No previous computer experience is required.

  • 2009 2009

    DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Canada

    Taught Information System in Business course during winter 2009 semester. This course prepares students with the background knowledge and terminology necessary to understand how organizations leverage information technology effectively for business success. The course focuses on the opportunities and pitfalls provided by information technologies, and how information systems can affect business productivity and organizational strategy.

  • 2006 2006

    College of Computing Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

    Taught evaluation of computer applications to IS/CS undergraduate students for two semesters. Students learned to evaluate computer applications, including human and organizational aspects of performance, in a scientific and objective way. Course was aimed to provide enough skills to carry out a case study, design a questionnaire, do interviews, and carry out a controlled experiment. It introduces methods of analyzing data, and how to analyze an information system, whether a web site, groupware or legacy organizational software. How to identify usability problems, and test the relative merits of alternative designs. Students read journal articles about and practice methods like semi-structured interviews, user surveys, and experiments.

  • 2009 2009

    Institute of Leadership & Management, Pakistan

    As an adjunct professor taught various courses in the business and computer science departments. Courses included software application, database management system, system analysis and design, management information system.